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A lot of contract manufacturers are pretty good at quality, delivery, and cost. But what really makes Prince stand out from its competition; what do we do that makes a real difference to you?

Value Engineering

The thing about having a lot of highly-skilled engineers around, is that they’re, well,
highly-skilled. The decades our engineers have spent setting up and running machines on
the shop floor gives them an intuitive knowledge of functionality and design, including the
discovery of innovative cost saving options. We’re able to provide value engineering services
at any stage of the product lifecycle, whether it’s for an NPI project or a legacy product that’s
been around for years. Our services include:

  • Cost-driver analysis
  • Manufacturability review
  • Form-fit-function review
  • Tolerance analysis

Don’t settle for suppliers who won’t partner with you to reduce your supply chain costs.
Choose Prince and see what value engineering can do for you.

Hassle-Free Supplier Experience

Some of our own customers don’t think about us that often, and we love it. Why? Because
when you get high-quality parts and they arrive on time, you don’t have to call, you don’t
have to follow up, and you don’t have to wait. With our proactive account management
approach and excellent OTD performance, let us show you what a stress-free, totally
forgettable experience feels like. And don’t worry, if you do need us for some reason,
we’re just a phone call away.

Low-Cost Sourcing Option

Wouldn’t it be great if we could charge you less, while giving you more? Oh–wait a minute–that’s
actually exactly what we do. Since 2003 we’ve been pleased to offer our customers a low-cost,
international sourcing option through our wholly-owned facility in Shanghai, China. From the
start, we built this facility to closely match the production capabilities of our US-based
operations. Our Shanghai location offers the following advantages:

  • Low-cost structure
  • US-based, English language account management in the Central time zone
  • Full-service quality lab
  • Dependable quality material and material certifications

We are happy to ship your products directly from Shanghai to your facility, or warehouse your
parts in Chicago. Ask us what your business can gain from our international sourcing options.

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