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Prince Sheet Metal Capabilities

Prince’s investment in state-of-the-art Bystronic fiber optic lasers and high-tech press brakes, along with our robotic welding cells and in-house powder-coat paint capabilities, gives us the capacity and flexibility to meet your current needs and support your future growth.

But it’s more than just the equipment; it’s our team of dedicated and experienced engineers, our precision machining capabilities, and our assembly services that make us an ideal strategic supply chain partner.

  • Three automated laser cutting systems (one 6kW CO2, one 6kW fiber optic, and one 10kW fiber optic)
  • Ability to process:
    • 1.125″ aluminum and stainless steel
    • 1″ carbon steel
    • 0.625″ copper
  • Six CNC press brakes, 44 tons to 385 tons
  • Press brake features include:
    • Graphical CNC controls
    • CNC crowning to ensure straight bends on long parts
    • Hydraulic tool clamping to rapid set ups
    • Six-axis backgauges to allow complex part processing
    • CNC-controlled sheet lifter to aid in large part manufacturing
    • Laser angle measurement system to improve part accuracy
    • Robotic bending cell for unattended operations
  • Three manual MIG and TIG welding stations
  • AWS certified welders
  • Two robotic welding cells (max work cylinder of 4′ by 10′)
  • Able to weld 0.020″ aluminum to 1″ carbon plate
  • Quick change filtering for rapid part changeover
  • In-house powder coat paint line with five stage wash system
  • Able to process parts requiring primer and topcoat
  • Max part envelope 4′ by 3′ 10′

Prince Sheet Metal Capabilities

Prince Laser Cutting Solutions

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Prince Powder Coat Painting Solutions

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Why Partner with Prince

Our team of engineering problem solvers strives to make a better product at a lower cost.

Because we offer several machining platforms, you can reduce the numbers of suppliers you manage.

With facilities in the U.S. and China, we can provide a low-cost manufacturing solution.

It’s Time to Solve Your Supply Chain Struggles by Partnering with Prince.


What Our Customers Have to Say

“Prince has been a strategic supplier of ours for the past 20 years. Over that time, they have collaborated with our engineering team at the early stages of a number of high-profile projects to support our business growth. The Prince team is highly dedicated, with skilled professionals in every aspect of their business. Because of their performance and professionalism, they have more than tripled their business with us over the last several years.”

Global Commodity Manager – Large Industrial Energy Controls Company

“Prince has been a partner of ours for many years. I find them to be a very reliable, professional and customer-focused company. We can count on them to deliver quality products on time and at a fair market price, which is why we continue to turn to them for our machining and fabrication needs.”

Purchasing Manager – Dental Imaging Company

“Prince has been a supplier to our business for well over 20 years. They are very responsive and always willing to align with us to better support our key business objectives. Prince provides consistently good quality and delivery performance. They are very much respected and viewed as a growth supplier to our business.”

Global Sourcing Manager – Large OEM Manufacturer

It’s Easy to Get Started

Tell us about your products and your parts procurement challenges and goals.

Your single point of contact will guide you step-by-step through our proven process to transition to Prince.

We’ll ensure your parts arrive on time, meet your quality requirements, and support your growth plans.